Reducing downtime and waste

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Reducing downtime and waste


The Howard Solutions reel liners for continuous digital printers work on all makes and models of unwinds and rewinds. Using our reel liners will prevent damage to your equipment and materials thus reducing downtime and waste.

Downtime is dangerous to any printing company.

Paper has, on many occasions, been called 'living and breathing' so unexpected failures can and do happen. Minimising this risk with good processes is a must to obtain the best efficiency possible and maintain the highest level of productivity and profitability.


Appropriate handling of materials

Paper must be treated considerately, taking into account its sometimes fragile state and its high value to the production business. Our reel liners prevents annoying ‘wrecks’ and miss feeds when feeding inserter / finishing equipment and prevent ‘memory curled’ stationery.

Loading and unloading needs to be done thoughtfully to prevent damage to high value product – poorly processed material and re-runs simply leads to waste, scrappage and higher costs. Our reel liners means there is no lifting of ‘over weight’ part reels to rewind on.

Using our reel liner saves paper by using up 98% of your reel stationery. They are also easy and convenient to store when not in use, helping to preserve a clean and tidy work area.

Our HS reel carts are designed to safely transport rolls in the production area. They will also save paper because there is no need to remove the first few millimetres of paper when loading.

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“Having had several near misses on the production floor we called in Howard Solutions to review our manual handling procedures and since then all the staff and management are much more confident”


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