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More than a third of all over-three-day injuries reported each year to HSE and local authorities are caused by a manual handling related issue. Typically, 1.1 million people a year in the UK suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused or made worse by their current or past work, resulting in and estimated 12.3 million working days being lost.


Injury prevention

Operatives are often required to move heavy and bulky materials in the workplace. Our HS reel cart allows for the safe transport of rolls in the production area as well as avoiding risky unloading processes from the pallet.

Our HS reel liner can also reduce the risk of injury by removing the need to lift ‘over weight’ part reels to rewind on.

Materials and machine damage

Materials, that are both bulky and weigh several hundred kilos often have considerable momentum in an unrestrained state, this can easily create expensive damage to feeding and finishing equipment.

Safe practices will lead to an efficient and productive manufacturing processes and at the same time operatives remain in safe environments. The reel cart has two braked wheels for safe and secure parking of rolls, keeping them under control at all time. The five wheels ensure even weight distribution and ease of movement.

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“Having had several near misses on the production floor we called in Howard Solutions to review our manual handling procedures and since then all the staff and management are much more confident”


JD, Print manager

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